Family Money Saving Tips

Money Saving Tips for Families

Family Money Saving Tips

With the cost of raising a family getting expensive, how do you manage your family budget and still provide fun family time for your kids? Many families feel that they don’t have that extra disposable income to spare. Some families think that they just can’t afford to do anything with their kids, because kids’ activities cost money. So here I share 5 money saving tips for families. These are ways for families to stretch their money, so that parents can spend fun family time with their kids.

5 Money Saving Tips for Families

1. Find Free Kids Activities

If you live in an area with lots of open space, go for picnics in a park, bike rides or walks to a nearby lake. Take the kids to the library, especially if your library offers free activities, like story time for kids. Also, browse through your local paper and find free kids activities in malls, shops or restaurants. There are often tons of free kids activities during school holidays, so take advantage of those.

2. Family Fun at Home

Who says family fun time has to be done outside the home? Create traditions within your own home, like having a weekly movie night or a board game night. Some families even have a dance night. Get creative and involve your kids. They might have great family time ideas too.

3. Cook Meals and Pack Lunches

Eating out can be very expensive. So try to cook big batches of meals that you can freeze for those nights when you are just too tired to cook. Let the kids bring packed lunches, instead of letting them buy food in the cafeteria.

4. Buy Simple Toys

Don’t spend too much on toys. Oftentimes, the simplest toys are the ones kids will play with over and over again. These could be blocks, sand or musical instruments for young kids. For older kids, it could be a deck of cards or classic board games. After 3 kids, I realized that they really don’t need those hi-tech gadgets and toys that make all sorts of sounds and lights.

5. Look for Discounts on Groupon Coupons

And if there is anything that helps me save money, it’s coupons. There is one particular place I love looking for deals and it’s Groupon Coupons. I’ve been hooked on Groupon for the past few years. We particularly use Groupon for fun kids activities (like indoor play areas, trampoline parks, boat tours), trips and hotel stays. We love it because we’ve never had to pay full price on all those things and we still get to spend fun family time together.

But I love Groupon Coupons even more, because the deals are great and the discounts are massive. If you want to take a family trip, check out the Groupon Coupon deals on Travelocity. Or if you’re after kids’ clothing, you can find Groupon Coupon deals on quality brands like Carter’s. Codes and promos on Groupon Coupons are constantly updated.

So these were my top 5 money saving tips for families who want to spend lots of fun family time together. Do you have any more tips to add to this?