Painting Schools


These educational programs teach students to express their ideas and feelings. Fortunately there are many colleges and universities that offer this education which teaches the basic principles of art and art history, drawing skills, color and design theory, it is also taught the human anatomy, students are also instructed to create and develop their own style.


Students learn basic skills such as color mixing and how to prepare different supports, from paper to canvas to Masonite. Students learn to use oils, acrylics, watercolors, brushes, pens, pencils and all kinds of material needed to create their works. After these basic courses, usually, students focus to specialize in specific techniques such as oil painting, drawing with pen and ink, painting in watercolor, etc.


The average salary for painting jobs is $31,000. Average painting salaries can vary greatly due to company, location, industry, experience and benefits.

Related Occupations

Fine art skills, sometimes with further training, are adaptable to ensure success in wide and various career choices. These careers include education; primary, secondary and tertiary, or even as a private art teacher. Museums, art conservation, display, illustration, arts management and corporate collecting are a handful of employment areas open to the arts graduate.