Illustration Programs


Illustration is the process by which someone it is able to convey an idea, concept or emotion, illustrators make images that are generally used for publications. Today there are several first-level art schools that offer a variety of opportunities to specialize.


Illustration has changed with the advancing of technology, today companies require that illustrators, graphic designers, animators and other artists that have a vast artistic as well as computer knowledge. Illustrators are usually hired by movie studios, advertising companies, companies that make cartoons, special effects, etc., they also collaborate often with artistic illustrators, graphic designers and other professionals on projects that require their art works.

Employment Opportunities

It is expected a great global demand of artists in the years ahead, their job opportunities will grow and it will experience a increase of approximately 16 percent through 2016. This growth is due to the expansion of the Internet and the film and video industries.

The estimation also indicate that media and entertainment areas are those that require more workers, so it is worth putting special interest in them and specialize in their study. But fierce competition is expected, if you like a work environment more flexible, it might be a good idea trying to be a freelance artist, 62 percent of them take this path.


Incomes vary considerably. Many freelance illustrators don’t earn much from their craft and combine part-time work in this field with another job that puts bread on the table. A few make full time careers illustrating children’s books, book covers, comics or fashion. Wages vary by employer, position, education and experience.