Game Design Schools

Game Design

Game designers are in charge of creating the concept and the functionality of a computer game. Video games have become very popular and complex, that’s why they have been created many jobs and many schools where people can study this career.

This growth has also led to much competition in this industry, to excel in it is necessary to have well-developed visual and design skills, and have a deep understanding of technology.

Also, to perform well in this career, you need to have excellent skills in multimedia design, a good imagination and use of graphical and specialized design tools. If you have passion, artistic skills, and you are willing to learn new technology, game design is the right career for you.

Employment Opportunities

Game designers often work for a large organization in an office environment. They need to have the ability to work in group because in some cases may spend much of his time alone in meetings with his work team. The designers of video games can earn a very good salary, especially if they are part of the design team of a successful product.


Game designer salaries ranging from $ 40,695 to $ 60,931 per year. However, this salary is variable depending on the sector in which they work within this industry.

Related Occupations

Within this industry there are many occupations, we can mainly mention programmer, artist and producer. But many people who choose designing games want to create their own products and operate their own business.