Fashion Design Programs

Fashion Design Schools & Programs

Fashion designers are the people who conceptualize and create new clothing and accessory designs. Their job is to analyze fashion trends and work closely with production, marketing, and sales departments to design, produce, and promote a finished, ready-to-wear product for apparel manufacturers..

Fashion Design

They usually specialize in a specific line of clothing such as men, women, maternity, kids, bridal, sportswear, etc. In larger fashion houses, individual designers may work in very specialized areas, such as t-shirts, evening dresses, maternity clothes, baby outfits, or denims.

In a fashion design career you must not only know how to design clothes, you must also have knowledge of clothing sizes related terms, such as overweight, underweight, the importance of Body Mass Index or basal metabolic rate, and even know how many calories to lose weight.

Employment Opportunities

Demand for fashion designers is increasing, it is expected to grow five percent through 2016. Consumers are constantly looking for new styles and fashion, besides, population is increasing which creates greater demand for clothing and accessories.

Most companies usually try to hire fashion designers who have a two or four years degree and they also must know about textile and fashion trends. The best employment opportunities may be provided by companies specializing in designing apparel for the mass market.


Wages for a fashion designer in the United States is can be between $ 14,400 and $ 200,000 per year. The average salary for all fashion designers in May 2004 was over $ 55,000.